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Anna, vip hookupe Liège

Anna peut être décrite comme une «pèrle» de beauté: une petite princesse, très douce et sucré, affectueuse, romantique, sensuelle et respectueuse. Vous serez étonné par sa grâce naturelle et son côté chaleureux. Les gens disent d’elle qu’elle est mystérieuse, mais très attirante...

Elle a une formation d’esthéticienne et est danseuse professionnelle. En outre, grâce à sa formation, elle a la réputation de donner d’escellents massages. Anna veut profiter de la vie autant qu'elle peut. S'amuser, voyager et découvrir de nouvelles expériences de la vie. Lorsqu’elle est de bonne humeur, elle se donne à plus de 100% sans tabous! Elle est nouvelle dans l'entreprise mais elle a d’excellentes critiques tant sur son apparence que sur ses services!

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- Lieu: Belgique
- Age: 22
- Hauteur: 1m70
- Poids: 53kg
- Cup: 75C
- Langues: Français, Anglais
- Education: Esthéticienne, masseuse
- Fume?: Non
- Intérêts: Profiter de la vie
- Style de vêtements préféré: Sexy
- Fashion designer: Dior
- Cuisine préférée: Homard
- Boisson favorite: Champagne
- Designer lingerie préféré: Agent Provocateur
- Destination de voyage favorite: Mexique, Thailand, Cuba, Kenya, Sénégal
- Slogan de vie: Tomber pour mieux se relever et encore mieux avancer.

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Door Vincent op 12 Aug 2010

We invited Anna and Monica for my birthday party, it was in one word an unforgettable night! We had such a great party, dancing, drinking, laughing, and GREAT dessert hmmm like if we had been friends for ages! Lynn congratulations with those exceptional ladies, you have a really a unique talent selecting the creme de la creme! I am an addict of your agency and I like it :)

Door Max op 17 Aug 2010

Lynn, I have fallen in love. Anna is so beautiful, so genuine, so funny. Best experience I have had until now! Please give her my warmest regards and I will be happy to see her again soon! Cannot wait to have a long and cosy dinner in Odette en Ville with her again! Hope she will remember me!

Door anoniem op 08 Nov 2010

When meeting Anna I thought: Finally, this is what I was looking for all this time. Not only does she has a gorgeous body but above all she has a very beautiful face. And that's only about her looks, the best still had to be discovered; she's so easy to be with and her presence is so comfortable. She's interesting and open minded yet there's always that kind of mystery which keeps it exciting. With Anna every time you think: this is perfect; she surprises you over again and redefines the word "perfect".

Door Roger op 17 May 2011

From Roger 15th May 2011 Anna and I met for a dinner date in Amsterdam after I spent a lot of time working with Lynn to sort out the details for the evening. Anna arrived on time, and looked appropriately dressed for our evening. We enjoyed a lovely seafood dinner together, and while Anna English is only conversational, she did her best to stay engaged and made a good companion. Afterwards we returned to the hotel for "dessert". I had brought a provocative outfit for Anna to wear and she looked wonderful both it, and eventually out of it. As for what happened next, I can say that it was a true girlfriend experience, and we clicked at a number of different dimensions that was passionate throughout. Definitely an excellent young lady in both her physical attraction as well as our overall manner and attitude. Thanks Lynn for making it happen.
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