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Iona, high class hookup

Iona is an exotic mix full of pure beauty. With her well trained slim body she is a real headturner. She is a playful, sensual and romantic hookup girl. She does not try to impress people in a forced way, but still does this automatically just by being herself.
Iona will give you all the attention and affection you need, because she is a real "sweetheart"!
Iona is one of our top angels, highly recommended!

hookup details

- Location: Belgium
- Age: 21
- Height: 1m74
- Weight: 54
- Breasts: 75C
- Languages: NL, FR, EN
- Interests: fashion, sports, travel
- Education: economy, languages
- Smokes? occasionally
- Favourite designer: D&G, Louis Vuitton
- Favourite kitchen: Chinese, French
- Favourite drinks: champagne
- Favourite perfume: L'Eau d'Issey
- Favourite travel: exotic beaches
- Turn on: adventurous parties, sexy women ;)
- Turn off: dirty socks

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Door Jerry op 13 Aug 2010

wahouwww... just amazing... je ne m'en suis toujours pas remis, je ne vais pas trop faire sa pub, histoire de la garder pour moi ...
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