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Roxan, VIP hookup Knokke

If you are seeking the company of ladies with true class, look no further! Roxan is the ideal companion for gentlemen who appreciate classy women with a lot of life experience.

It is impossible not to fall for her incredible charm. Roxan is extremely cultivated. She is always dressed up like a real high-class femme fatale, but don't think it stops there... Behind her gracefulness, Roxan has things to offer you would only dream of.
With her green eyes, an innocent look on her face and a 1000-watt smile, there can be no holding back. Roxan loves meeting gentlemen who have an interesting story to tell. She's sweet, soft and gentle, yet when the moment comes her fiery temperament takes over, giving all, taking all...

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- Age : 33
- Height : 1m60
- Weight : 53kg
- Cup : 95/C
- Hair : blonde
- Eyes : green
- Languages : English, French, Dutch
- Interests : meeting people, cultures
- Education: health care
- Smokes : no
- Favorite clothing style : stylish
- Fashion designer : D&G,Burberry
- Favorite cuisine : French, Italian
- Favorite drinks : martini bianco
- Favorite perfume : " happy " Clinique
- Favorite lingerie designer : Marie-jo,Chantelle
- Favorite travel destinatin : Italy,Thailand
- Turn off : not taking care of yourself
- Turn on : inteligent men
- Life slogan : What doesn't kill you makes you stronger !

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hookupe knokke

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