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Rosa, hookup lady Brussels

Respectful, Elegant & Stylish

This lady is a natural beauty! She has a georgeous body, long dark hair and the prettiest smile you can imagine. With the mysterious look in her eyes, she will seduce you from the very first moment.

Rosa knows what life is all about. She is selfconfident, elegant and stylish... She adapts easily to all kinds of circumstances, she is sweet, thoughtful and very respectful. Rosa makes you feel at ease immediately. She has a wide range of interests and will participate in any conversation. Traveling and foreign cultures are high on her list of things that are worth living for.

Are you looking for something new? Rosa will be your perfect companion, partner, mistress... She loves new experiences and will be happy to share them with you!

hookup details

- Location: Brussels
- Age: 21
- Height: 1m65
- Weight: 55kg
- Cup: 75D
- Hair: Black
- Eyes:Brown
- Languages: English, French
- Education: Communication
- Smokes?: No
- Tattoos: No
- Piercings: Yes
- Interests: Fitness, jogging, traveling
- Favorite kitchen: Mediterranean kitchen
- Favorite drinks: Vodka redbull, Champagne
- Favourite destination: London
- Life slogan: Enjoy every day like it's the last one

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