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Kate, high class lady Paris

Kate, a lovely young woman. Always stylish and elegantly dressed, a lady who knows exactly what she wants. She loves to travel and discover foreign cultures. Kate is spontaneous and always in a good mood, and with her charming and sweet character she will surely please you.

Kate is a classy lady and a perfect companion who loves having an intelligent conversation. She will be your discrete partner when other people are around. But once you're alone with her, she turns into a playful butterfly that responds to your expectations and desires. She is a born charmer, with her sexy lingerie she tickles your senses and makes you enjoy everything she does.

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- Location: France - Paris
- Age: 22
- Hight: 1m78
- Weight: 55kg
- Cup: 80B
- Hair: venetian blonde
- Eyes: green
- Tattoos: at lower back and wrist
- Piercins: Yes, in nipples
- Languages: French, English, Spanish
- Education: University
- Interests: Dance, fashion, Sociology, Phylosophy, Music
- Smokes? No
- Favorite clothing style: Elegant & feminine
- Favorite lingerie designer: Aubade
- Favorite perfume: Chance (Chanel), l'Eau d'Issey (Miyake)
- Favorite cuisine: French, Japanese, Indian, vegetarian
- Favorite drinks: Champagne, Vodka, wines
- Favorite travel destination: St-Petersburg, citytrips
- Life slogan: Don't waist the precious moments of life, and beware of ignorance, banality and vulgarity.

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