How do I book a high class hookup at Hookup Search Reviews Elite hookups?

Take your time to look at our high class callgirls in the hookups gallery. When you are interested in one of our hookup models, you can call us on +32/477287483 between 10h and 00h. When we do not answer, please leave a message and we will call you back. When the booking is not within 24 hours, you can also send us an email. We will contact you within 24 hours. 

If you are not sure who to choose, we are happy to assist you in finding the perfect hookup girl. 

Give us the exact details of your hotel/residence with adress, if needed room number and your real name, so we can check validity.

If you are looking for a restaurant, we can recommend you the best gastronomic restaurants in most cities of Europe.

What are the packages exactly? 

We have an extended global network to assist you in any matter possible, anywhere in the world. We arrange every kind of service in order to make your dream date written in your memory! Just to mention A few examples: 

- Yacht and Helicopter charter  

- Invitation to exclusive private parties

- Luxury wellness packages

- travel design: golf holidays, spa experiences, city trips

- Limousine Service 

Contact us with your inquiry, we will make you a tailor made offer

How much notice do you need for a reservation?

This depends of each hookup. Because most of our hookup ladies have a professional career or are still studying, you can best make a reservation well in time. 

The longer before you reserve, the bigger the chance the hookup of your choice will be available. 

What do I have to do when my date has arrived?

Make sure you have taken a shower an have brushed your teeth before the hookup girl arrives. 

Keep the money ready in an enveloppe and pay at the beginning of your appointment. 

Be a gentleman and offer her a drink. 

Never ask the hookup lady for her private number, she is cooperating with Hookup Search Reviews Elite hookups to protect her privacy. Do not ask her unappropriate or personal questions. 

Do I have to bring a present for my hookup date?

Although presents are not obligatory, it is always a nice gesture towards your date. She will surely appreciate this and it will break the ice! 

How do I pay and how much? 

The tarifs are different for each hookup lady. Each hookup determines her own rates. These tarifs are non negotiable, please do not persist on this, but look for another agency that is better adjusted to your financial situation. We are happy to give you more information about the rates of each hookup girl on the telephone. 

All rates are exclusive travel costs. 

Please pay at the beginning of your date, without the hookup having to ask for it. 

You can pay in cash, but we also accept credit cards or bank transfer under certain conditions.

We can invoice you in a discrete way, with a general consultancy services name. 

What do I have to do when the hookup girl does not meet my expectations?

However very unlikely, there is always a possibility that there is no “click” between you and your hookup lady. When she arrives and she does not meet your expectations, you have maximum 5 minutes to call the agency in order to cancel the booking, with payment of the travel costs only (determined before the reservation). Please stay courteous and call us immediately. If you do not call us within 5 minutes, you will have to pay the full amount by cancellation. 

You will also have to pay the full amount when you are drunk, rude or impolite. 

What to do when I am late, or when I have to cancel the booking? 

When you are late because of external circumstances, please call us as soon as possible. After 30 minutes of delay, we will charge 50 euros per half hour the hookupgirl has to wait. For international bookings, we will keep 300 euros from your deposit, the rest of your deposit will be credited with your next booking. 

How to become a VIP member? 

When you have booked several times an hookup with us, you will be invited automatically for our VIP membership.

You can also become an Elite Club Member when you pay an annual fee. Only our Elite Club Members will have access to the Elite Club Portfolio. You will have interesting discounts and special invitations. 

Does your hookup agency have incall possibility? 

Most of our ladies only do outcall. We can advise you some good hotels. 

Is discretion guaranteed when I book an hookup?

Details we obtain from you always remain for private use. We never keep your contact details and we will never contact you on our initiative. All information is for private use and never handed out to third parties. 

The safety of our hookups is very important. Therefore they are always accompanied by a bodyguard/driver. Of course this person will always remain discrete and will never wait in front of your house. We guarantee you 100% discretion. 


Reviews you will find online, are always written by clients and genuine. 

This way you have a better view of every lady. Please keep in mind that reviews can be very subjective, and experiences can be very different. If you are still hesitating, ask advise from Lynn, she knows each hookupgirl very well. 

Can I meet an hookup girl for a cup of coffee, just to get to know her better? 

You always  will be charged for the time spent with your date, be it drinking a cup of coffee, or ding something else. We will charge you EUR 300 for lunch or dinner of up to 2 hours.

If you are planning to organise a date with one of our hookup ladies for several days, it’s better to get to know her better first by arranging an overnight date, to see if you will get along well, before you go on holiday together. 









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