Casting hookups Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, London 

We are looking for stunning ladies with an exceptional personality who fit perfectly into our exclusive philosophy! Please be self-critical and only apply if you feel you really match with our high standard criteria! 


What we expect....


  • You are between 19 and 35 years old
  • You are charismatic, with dazzling looks and a stunning personality.
  • You have a happy attitude to life, have class and style and you can easily put people at ease.
  • You are not arrogant but well-balanced and warm of heart.
  • You are loyal and honest. You do not play a role, but you really enjoy what you do 
  • You know how to behave in high levels of society, at fancy parties and in luxury restaurants.
  • You are always impeccably dressed and groomed sexy and stylish, your wardrobe is filled wit high-quality clothes, shoes, sexy lingerie and handbags.
  • You take good care of your health, you teeth, hair, nails and body.
  • You preferably speak at least two languages.
  • You are excellent in keeping alive interesting conversations. 
  • You enjoy arts, history, books, you are updated with the latest news and you are well educated in general.
  • For Hookup Search Reviews, we demand absolute exclusivity to our agency. We will not accept ladies who are listed on other agencies or with their own homepages. An excellent hookup lady does not need to expose herself in several agencies. We have enough clients so you will have enough dates. If you are listed on Hookup Search Reviews and you advertise elsewhere, we will find out very soon and regard this as an unforgivable breach of loyalty. Our clients prefer exclusivity above someone who can be found everywhere on the internet. If you choose to work on a non-exclusive basis with us, you can advertise on Amour des Anges, where exclusivity is not obliged. 


I know it is a whole list, but here we have to be very strict in our criteria, as many ladies apply and we only admit the top of the bill in our agency! 


What you can expect...



  • We bring you in contact with very interesting and successful businessmen who share our joie de vivre and natural style. 
  • You will travel extensively and you will be able to spice up your life with interesting adventures. 
  • Our approach is one of teamwork, we do not work as independent providers. Hookup Search Reviews is a female owned and managed agency. We work with a concept that is based on respect, loyalty and style.
  • We function as your “personal secretary”: we will keep up to date your agenda, arrange your appointments, answer your telephone calls, arrange your travels, arrange you a bodyguard or driver, stand in for your security and wellbeing, we advise you in clothing and beauty treatments, in short: we are at your service and we will support you 100% 
  • We work in close contact during our collaboration, and will advise you with any issue you might have, be it about clothing, etiquette or personal problems. We really listen to you!
  • Discretion, loyalty and honesty are our highest values, they are the fundamentals for our intensive collaboration.  Without respect for these mutual values we cannot work together. 
  • Newcomers are welcome! Always wanted to become an hookup, but too scared to take the real step? Our agency has the very best reputation for its intern relationships and professionalism! You will quickly understand that we are a professional nononsense company, and this is not limited to words or false promises. If you are curious, we can introduce you to one of our models, so you can ask her all the questions you want to ask. It is very important to get to know each other very well, so we do all the castings personally and we really take our time to answer all questions you might have! 

If you think you could be one of our Fleurs des Anges, please send us your application by email, including the following: 

  • a complete CV
  • a detailed personal description
  • your motivation to work for our agency 
  • minimum 4 recent photographs, with 2 recognizable face photos and 2 photos showing your full body. Please also include some private pictures next to your professional ones (if you have them), in order to verify the genuinity of the professional pictures. Pictures remain for our viewing only and are not meant for publication. Your privacy will be guaranteed! 

If we approve your application, we will invite you for a personal first meeting at one of our offices (Antwerp, Amsterdam or London). We only start collaboration after a personal meeting, to see if we are a good match to work together. 

If you have any questions before applying, contact Lynn by email or telephone +32 477287483. Of course we remain discrete at all times, and we will never use information or pictures you sent to us.