NEW!! Miranda


Miranda is the name,  “spoil her and be spoilt” is the game…


Why choose her above anybody else?  By doing so you will have a distinct risk of becoming seriously addicted. After a meeting with her, her face, smell, smile, bright eyes will linger in your memory and you will realize, that no other woman - past of present  - compares to her. 


She can be your perfect representative dinner date, dressed up in fashionable designer clothes or be your tender, wild, delicate and always passionate companion to spend a great time with!

She highly educated, cultured, has a broad interest and knowledge of all aspects of life and is willing to share all of her with gentlemen who have a similar “philosophy”. Fluent in English, French and a “University of life degree in the language of love”, communication should not be a problem!


She loves good food, good wines, malt whiskies, going out and she adores the company of a gentle man who is willing to enjoy this together with her. Invite her, show her your sense of style and passion and you will be rewarded accordingly!


Many things have been said, many things have been promised, many people disappointed but never when she was in their presence.


Intrigued? Interested? Exited? No need to stay that way, simply call her and explore life and opportunities together for as long as you wish.

Personal details

age 24

height  165

weight 52

measurements : 75 C

languages: english, french

interests : traveling, traveling, traveling! and classic music, books, shopping

favourite parfums : pleasures intense by estee lauder, l'instant by guerlain

personality : 100 % of pure woman :)


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NEW!! Miranda
  • NEW!! Miranda
  • NEW!! Miranda
  • NEW!! Miranda
  • NEW!! Miranda
  • NEW!! Miranda