Amber – Antwerp

Amber – hookup Antwerp

Sexy, Playful & Energetic

Naughty or nice– bad girl or sweetheart? It’s up to you with vivacious Amber!

She’ll knock you out of this world with her killer style, and bring you back to reality with her

inspirational,conversational style. The result? An evening you won’t soon forget.

Gentlemen beware for this high-voltage lady! She holds an intoxicating power to blow all your

worries away,with her one of a kind, exotic blend of qualities. Amber combines a delicious

personality with a flavourful sense of humour and mouthwatering energy that never gives up.

Consider yourself warned–Amber loves to play the game of seduction– and has the tools to do so.

Her trim young body is the perfect vessel for her favourite attire– sexy dresses and killer heels.

She has sparkling eyes and a sweet but naughty smile.

Amber is well-versed in three languages, and marks Egypt, Turkey and Ibiza among her favourite

travel destinations.

She loves a man with an open mind, and, thanks to her great intellect and relentless vigor, is the ideal

hookup girl for either a night out dancing– or a passionate evening in.

If you want to feel the full energy of a lovely lady with a zest for life, a flair for adventure, and a

tantalizing talent to make her way into your heart, don’t hesitate for a moment for a chance with Amber.




Age 21
Height 173
Weight 52
Hair color Dark blonde
Eyes Green
Breasts 75B
Tattoos No
Piercings Yes, belly
Languages Dutch - English - French
Interests Culture, fashion, cars, animals
Education Technical Sciences
Smokes? No
Favorite fashion designer Liu-Jo
Favorite cuisine Mediteranean
Favorite drinks Wine, champagne
Favorite perfume Addicted 2 Dior
Favorite lingerie designer Marie-Jo
Favorite travel destination Egypt, Turkey, Ibiza
Turn off Rude or mean people
Turn on Clean, openminded people


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1 Comment to Amber – Antwerp

  1. Bud's Gravatar Bud
    28 March 2012 at 23:08 | Permalink

    Hi: I met with Amber about 2 weeks ago and I promised her that I would write a raving review. The above link is the review that I have written. TER is owned by a Dutch company so I am surprised that there are not more Dutch women on the website. Anyhow, Could you please forward this to Amber? The following is what I have written if she is not able to access the website:

    I have not written a review for quite some time as I have been very busy lately and not able to see as many girls. Also, I have a very nice regular girl that I do see. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, I got to see a great girl that I absolutely must write a review about because my experience was so unforgettable. I must admit that Amber was not my first choice when I made the appointment because she normally works Antwerp and I was not aware that she would be willing to come to Amsterdam for only a three hour appointment. The first girl cancelled on me so had asked Teresa (Teresa is the agency receptionist) for a recommendation.
    BTW: hookuping is a legal profession in the Netherlands so it is OK to ask about services. You still need to be courteous and respectful with gentlemanly etiquette.
    All of my correspondence with Teresa (Hookup Search Reviews) was by email and SMS. After first contact, scheduling an appointment was easy. After I had explained my preferences, Teresa recommended Amber. Teresa returns emails and SMS within the one day if not within the hour. I scheduled an appointment to see Amber for three hours for the evening before I had to return home.
    Amber had arrived thirty minutes early; but, I was not ready so I quickly had to get cleaned up before she came to the room. When she arrived, I was so stunned I fought to get out a greeting when I opened the door to let her in because I was so dumbfounded by her beauty. Amber is so absolutely stunning. She is an absolutely beautiful girl. I had asked her if she can wear sexy miniskirt or mini-dress with a pair of stiletto heels and self-supporting, thigh high, nylon stockings. This is sort of a fetish of mine. She was dressed in exactly the way that I had requested with a black miniskirt, black nylon stockings and heels with a very elegant suit jacket and scarf.
    I let her in and helped her with her jacket. Under her jacket, she had on a white sleeveless pull over blouse. I was sort of like a sleeveless tee-shirt. I could see the straps of her black lace bra under the straps of her blouse. After our initial greeting and business out of the way, I offered her a glass of wine and we sat on the bed and talked for a while. She had draped her stockinged legs over one of mine; almost sitting in my lap. I placed one hand on her knee and the other around her waist. She had folded her hands and placed them both on top of my hand on her knee as if we really were a couple in love. We sat and talked for a while.
    Amber really is 19 and I was worried if she was going to be apprehensive about being with an older gent as I am more than twice her age. In fact, it did not bother her at all and said that she actually prefers older men. She finds boys her own age are too immature and inexperience for her. I was so delighted with her answer. She very intelligent and speaks fluent English, Dutch and French. She also knows German, some Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Her English is perfect with all the correct grammar tenses in a wonderfully erotic and seductive European accent. What is even more impressive is she has never taken any English classes. I was so absolutely stunned by her maturity and intelligence. I normally do not prefer to be with girls that are as young as her because of their immaturity and inexperience; but, this is not the case with Amber. When I return to Europe, I will most definitely try to see Amber again. After a while we began to kiss…..

    We started with long, slow, synchronous breathing, French kisses. I then took her shoes off and laid her down. After some kissing, a stood up at the end of the bed and pulled her skirt off while she took her shirt off. I quickly undressed then pulled off her black lace thong and black lacy bra, leaving only her stockings on, then I dove down between her legs and shaved pussy to lick her clitoris and massaged her G-spot until her whole body shook and orgasmed. I licked her body up to her mouth, pausing at her breasts and nipples. When I reached her mouth, I begin to French kiss her again. Her tongue in my mouth and mine in hers as we breathe in perfect synchronization, I breath in as she breaths out into my mouth, she breaths in as I breath out into her mouth, giving each other respiratory resuscitation.
    She had a look on her face of complete satisfaction, her eyes closed with a satisfying smile that can only be gained from being in a state of total bliss. She placed her left hand on my chest and began to run her fingers through the bush on my chest as I turned onto my back to lay down next to her. She lifted her head as slid my left arm beneath; placing her head on my shoulder. She slid her left leg over me and pressed it up underneath my scrotum. I could feel the soft material of her black stockings pressing up against my balls. I was hard from the moment she walked into the room; but, this really got me aroused. We laid there for a few moments caressing each other then she gently moved her left hand down to my member and began tickling the head of me dick with her finger tips and wonderfully painted fingernails. We began French kissing as she moved her hand slowly down the shaft and over top and under my scrotum. I let out a gasp as she massaged and tickled my balls with her fingertips. She was delighted to discover that I had shaved my balls. After a few moments she sat up and began kissing my body from my mouth down to my shaft tickling my balls all the while.
    When Amber placed her tongue on the frenum of my shaft, he was standing tall. As she was moving into position, she began by first kissing the tip before slowly sliding her lips down and around the tip of the head of my penis. I could feel the warmth of her mouth as she slowly devoured my member. I could feel the head pressing against the back of her throat then sliding past her uvula and down her throat. I could feel her lips wrapped around the base of the shaft with her nose pressing against my pelvic bone. I opened eyes and saw that she was sitting with her legs spread slightly toward me so that I could see the lips of her vagina. I placed my left hand on the stockinged inner thigh of her left leg. As slowly and gently slid my hand up her thigh, she parted her legs apart, inviting me into her love channel. She jumped as I slowly inserted the index finger of my left hand into her. She quietly sighed when I began working her G-spot. While I was fingering her, she asked if she could suck on my balls and I happily agreed. It is not often that she gets a client that shaves down below for her. Her mouth felt so delightfully soft and warm as she licked on my scrotum, sucking in each ball one at a time.
    After a couple of moments, I motioned for her to move on top of me into a 69 position. She eagerly moved and straddled my head with her stockinged thighs and lowered her love box down on top of my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her legs and back around to open her slit with my fingers. Amber is slightly tanned so the pink flesh between her pussy lips are beautifully contrasted with her soft skin. She jumped again as I inserted a finger inside her and cupped her clitoris with my lips. I could hear a muffled moan from her lips as I began sucking her clitoris into my mouth to lick and massage it with my tongue. I could feel the head of me penis deep in her warm soft mouth when she let out a moan.
    I have a high tolerance for this and a great deal of dick control so I was able to do this for several moments before she was ready to move on to the next phase. She reached over for a condom and did that trick of putting the condom in her mouth and sliding it down over my dick with her mouth. I am always fascinated by this and how girls are able to do this. Early on, Amber was pleased to discover that I am a little bigger than normal. I get this a lot from the girls that I see; however, I mentioned that she would know this better than I. I mentioned this because like condoms that are slightly undersized for me because the fit tighter. Normally, girls that try this trick on me have difficulty. Not Amber; she is an expert.
    Once the raincoat was on, Amber straddled over me and slowly impaled herself onto my shaft, riding me in cowgirl style. I was so mesmerized by her beauty looking up at her from this angle, I could hardly believe that I was with such a beautiful, young girl such as Amber. I placed my hands on her waist, sliding up to her beautiful breasts and squeezed them for a few moment before sliding them down her body and resting my hand on her thighs, over top the black soft material of her stockings. As she was riding me, I would rub my hands up and down her stocking legs from her thighs to her feet; massaging her beautiful legs. She got tired after a few moments so she asked if we could flip. I sat up, with me still inside her and, like a pro she wrapped her stockinged legs around me, I wrap my right arm around her waist and on the count of three, I swung her around an laid her softly on her back, with me wrapped between her legs in the missionary position. We never parted. I stayed inside her during the whole maneuver. Partly because she is so young and flexible. As I began pumping her, I could feel the head of my penis, hitting the back wall of her uterus. On every pump, she would let out a moan. She let out a long soft moan when came the second time. It was not long after her second orgasm that I shot a load into the condom.
    I held steady for a minute before pulling out. She graciously took the condom off and away to the bathroom and came back with a warm wet wash rag to wash me off. This is the mark of a true high class hookup. The low class girls will not do this. After she cleaned my up, she crawled back into bed, under the sheets with me to rest and talk. She never took her stockings off. With our backs braced against the headboard we talked for a while and drank some wine, my left arm around her waist, her right stockinged leg draped over my left leg, my right hand resting on her crotch over top the lips of her vagina and my right arm resting on her right inner thigh, her legs spread wide open, exposing her vagina to me.
    We talked for a long time about several things. Eventually, we started to kiss again at first sitting up. We began again in much the same way as we had before. . We did much of the same as we did before in much the same manner. One exception was when I went down on her this time, her head was overhanging the foot of the bed. The other exception was when she was ready for the condom, she wanted to be done doggie style. I obliged her. When pumping her, she braced her hand up against the headboard to keep her head from hitting it. After the second pop, she cleaned me up a second time. Before getting dressed we talked for a little while. She really like me sun glasses and tried them on. This was an unforgettable sight. A young, beautiful, European blond girl wearing nothing but her black nylon, thigh high, self-supporting stockings and my dark sun glasses. This was when she learned that they were prescription.
    After that, we had dressed and said our farewells. I can only remember having such a great experience with one other girl. In fact, this could be the best experience that I have ever had.

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