Diary of a High Class hookup.

I wasn’t supposed to be working last night but when the hookup agency asked me to see jxxx I couldn’t resist and rearranged my schedule so that I could meet him.

I have seen him a few times and each time the date was terrific fun.

He is a charming slightly older man and we both love to chat about everything and flirt outrageously with each other. He tells me has used VIP hookup services before but has now found the perfect hookup.

This date was just as much fun as the previous ones.

Jxx welcomed me with a lovely smile and a naughty twinkle in his eyes when he saw I had dressed to please him, wearing the high heels, short skirt and black stockings that I knew he loved.

The perfect date with a VIP hookup

We already seemed like old friends but there was that delicious tingle of desire between us and the anticipation of what was to come.

We snuggled comfortable with each other on the sofa, drinking wine and chatting about what we had been doing since we had last met. He had been travelling for business and had been working long hours since our last date.

I told him he had been working to hard and deserved a massage – I had brought a bottle of massage oil with me so we headed for the bedroom.

Discretion causes me to stop there but I will say we had a fantastic evening and I returned home a few hours later sad to go but happy and content and already excitedly waiting for our next date.

Being a High Class hookup

Being an hookup is different to what I had expected when I started. I have met charming interesting sexy men ( and women) and I love the adventures that I have.

Although I have a high profile career in business I love my part time” job” as an hookup and am looking forward to many new experiences.

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