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Heaven can wait

hookup girls have more fun

if you are an hookup girl, you add something interesting to your life

There are several very good reasons for this!

1. You get to know interesting men

Our clientele consists 90% out of intelligent business men

2. You will travel extensively and see interesting places

What is more annoying in an hookup meeting than a phone that buzzes the whole time! It’s a real romance killer! Your client will feel that he does not come at the first place for you! So keep your phone away when you are seeing a client!

3. You get a lot of “people knowledge”

Being an hookup girl is like studying “psychology” at university!

4. hookup girls can earn a lot of money

Let’s face it, bein an hookup is not always very easy. But when you get a large amount of money plus a few nice presents, you will quickly forget the “pain”

5. Being an hookup brings a lot of adventure


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