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My hookup date in Antwerp

Let me tell you the story of my best meeting ever….it happened in Antwerp, where Hookup Search Reviews sent me on an hookup date.

Our first meeting

His light blue eyes glanced at me when I met him in the lobby of Hilton Antwerp. Ok that must be him… I discretely looked at him, and when he nodded, I confidently walked towards him and gave him a spontaneous kiss on his cheek. The conversation took off so easily, it was like I had known this man for years. I immediately fell in love with his amazing eyes and his incredible sense of humor.

A small Italian restaurant in Antwerp

“Let’s discover Antwerp” he said, “we are both strangers in this city so there is a lot to discover.” He took my hand and off we were. I was wearing my sexy black dress with open back, high-heeled stilettos of Louboutin, and my exclusive set of Agent Provocateur lace and stockings… My skin was tanned and my hair had become light blonde because of my holiday in Dubai the week before. He was wearing a petrol blue suit with a clean white shirt and an expensive looking silk tie, his shoes were new and shining ( I always pay attention to a man’s shoes! ) .

We went to this great Italian restaurant , “I Famosi”, where the chef welcomed us with great enthusiasm. My date, let’s call him “Alex”, was quite curious about me and my life. A few glasses later he popped out the traditional question : “Why are you doing this?” I pretended not to understand what he was talking about… “Well, you know what I mean, why are you an hookup girl?” I must admit I don’t really like this question, it’s the same as if I would ask him why he is seeing hookups. Well, why, I suppose it’s because some of us are looking for this extra adventure in life. And sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s not. And life goes on.The relationship between an hookup and her “client” is very simple: you have a good time, and both of you know where it’s going to end. That’s it. After your date you kiss goodbye, maybe you’ll see each other again, maybe not. It’s as easy as that.

“Real life”

One bottle of wine further, he was thinking out loud : “If I would have met you in real life….” Oh dear, real life, we ARE in real life, sitting in Antwerp and eating homemade pasta in a cosy Italian! Let’s just enjoy this moment and not think about all these “if’s” . After my unforgettable tiramisu, we paid the bill and continued our discovery of Antwerp. We went to a bar called “Soho” , on the Marnixplaats. The place was packed with people, but we managed to find a place at the bar. A few men were looking at us, I was immediately wondering if they knew me…. and if they did, as who… as the “real me”, or as the “hookup me”…. That’s always the downside of this job, I always want to be as discrete as possible, but of course if I am wearing nice and elegant sexy clothes, men see me immediately. Alex saw it as well, and he put his hands on my back.

Time flies ….

Hours passed so quickly, we were talking and talking, and we forgot completely about our time. Then Teresa from Hookup Search Reviews called me to ask if everything was alright. “Oops is it already that late!” Alex looked at me and pleased me to stay a bit longer. Then he carefully asked if I wanted to join him to his hotel room. I thought he was never going to ask!

We ordered a bottle of champagne in our hotel room, what happened afterwards I prefer not to write down, but I can tell you it was really fantastic.

hookup date

This morning Teresa called me to ask how my date had been, and if I wanted to see Alex again in 2 weeks, not in Antwerp but in Geneva, where he would be on business trip. I immediately said yes, but I hope I will not fall in love with this man… I want to keep things simple, that’s the main reason why I do this work. I am not the right person to fall in love! To be continued…



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