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Swiss hookup – Can’t Say Enough

Having worked for ten years as a development strategist with a leading American development agency the stake was now higher. The experience I had gained had now pushed me to the Swiss nation where I had taken a job at the United Nations development office in Geneva.

My new boss who (I will not mention his name :P ) had already organized a small tour for me so as to familiarize myself with the hustle and bustles of Geneva not to mention its best tour destinations.

I waited and waited for this so called hookup who to be honest with you I thought was some kind of tour company van driven by this range officer who had given me a hard time when I toured the Mara in Kenya 3yrs ago.

Surprisingly, my assumption was wrong and what followed was something that changed my perception of hookup agencies forever.

My hookup to Switzerland had arrived; she was this blond lady that I can only describe as an angel. Her sweet dimples reflected her charming smile, not to mention her dwindling hair and excellent physique.

The tour had begun and not only did she know everything about Geneva, but she also treated me with some kind of respect that I had yearned for after my terrible encounters with American women. We used to travel the whole day and later in the evening, rest on the moonlight at the balcony of my apartment before we head to bed for a journey of a lifetime.

My two weeks came to an end and Iā€™d admit, tears dripped down my eyes when I saw her leave for Brussels that night. As I later realized, the marvelous angel was actually sent from the heaven in Brussels called Hookup Search Reviews, a Belgian VIP hookup company that indeed won my recommendation for all!

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