How to search for hookup apps reviews and choose the best sites

Learn how to use famous hookup apps and why hot singles need them. Pros and cons of adult dating online on the best casual sex sites for FWB and kinksters.

The hookup culture and industry are developing way too fast to ever keep up. That’s why adult dating blogs went precious, and casual sex advice is more in demand than ever. 

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Getting laid with different categories of girls requires some knowledge only avid travelers and daters can share. While new kinks are appearing and growing in the market daily. 

Best kinks to try in hookups 

There are many hidden and obvious reasons why we enjoy being submissive. We might need some stress relief from being a boss at work, seek variety, or need our old traumas to be healed. 

But, once you realized you need a kinky partner, dedicate qualitative time to find such a person. Remember a good top never hurts anyone without their permission, and looks majestic. 

It’s also common not to have the intercourse as a strict mistress and her slave are on different levels. Always discuss these nuances in advance, and read the profiles carefully


None kinky affair is possible without bondage, at least from time to time. It is highly enjoyed by submissive personals since it humiliates, and by dominant partners since it empowers them. 

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Bondage Dating Hookup App

There are decorative and sportive kinds of bondage. Decorative like Shibari, and sportive bondage that is pretty severe and cannot be escaped without knowing the special technique. 


Kinky roleplay is the most relieving and entertaining, it is practiced even by the beginners and those who do not think they belong to this subculture. The elements of roleplay are everywhere.

BDSM Sex App
Roleplay Hookup

We are aroused when someone plays rude, much younger, or our relative, that’s already kinky role playing. Add to that playful costumes everyone is using in bed nowadays. 

Daddy kink

It’s very common to have a baby – Daddy roleplay. Young girls enjoy calling their sex partner a daddy during the intense intercourse, but so do the mature women and gay men. It’s very satisfying

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Men Dominant Hookup App

In BDSM age play, the intercourse doesn’t always take place. The partners get excited enough by the roleplay itself, when a Daddy gives the orders and a baby readily carries them out


This roleplay is quite common as well. A man is lightly engaged in it, when he enjoys his girlfriend wearing very revealing clothes and flirting with others. There is such a practice in BDSM. 

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Hookup App For Cuckolding

It involves another man a dom woman has an intercourse with, to humiliate her submissive partner. He may watch the process or just learn about it from her words, but it turns him on. 

Boots and Nylons 

Leather, nylons, and other tight materials are connected to the foot fetish. It isn’t rare either. We all start from liking hot girls’ long legs. It’s normal to find them sexy, and desire them. 

We also like when our partner wears sexy shoes, in and out of home. But in BDSM, such a preference allows a strict dom to make accent on her divine style with the help of high heels. 

Boots Fetish App
Sexy Womens Boots

A submissive person may also wear sexy boots and nails, to excite the dom and demonstrate the readiness to serve as a diligent sex slave. So, the outfit and footwear are very important.  

  1. FetLife
  2. Open
  3. KinkD
  4. NaughtyDate

Top mature hookups to try out 

Today, nothing is forbidden as singles may have all kinds of affairs they like. Adult cougar dating also grew popular, since it opens so many new opportunities we didn’t think about before. 

There are too many reasons why we get attracted to mature partners. Our motives can be social, financial, physical, spiritual, psychological. We shouldn’t limit ourselves in any way in sex

High quality of beauty 

A woman starts to really look after herself when she reaches 30-35. Dating experts say young women are never as well-groomed as cougars, they look like a simpleton vs matures. 

Sexual experience 

Women over 40 have all possible sexual experience one can imagine. They gladly teach their younger lovers, and initiate them into the very new and exotic practices. Are you intrigued yet? 

Sponsorship and career 

Since the oldest times, it was normal for our society to promote young lovers with the help of their mature partners who already placed high social positions. It still happens, regardless of gender. 

Sugar dating and escorts 

Older women with wealth like ordering toyboys’ services. It’s a perfect solution for students or jobless folks from the province. Not only it provides with pocket money, but also brings pleasure. 

Business connections

We’re all ambitious and have our dreams, so why not make them true with the help of a sexy cougar online? She knows with whom to make us acquainted, and to which high parties to bring. 

Stable monthly support

If a cub, i.e. a young guy is really good with his sugar momma, she provides monthly support. Very often, an apartment and decent wardrobe are included, yet a cub isn’t controlled. 

Travel baby 

Even men who aren’t after sponsorship from a woman, cannot resist the opportunity to travel the world at no cost. Rich cougar ladies provide such trips and take care of their travel baby.   

No strings attached 

It isn’t obligatory that we’re with mature women for getting a profit. Some singles may prefer them simply due to their sexual preferences, first sexual memories, conscious choice. 

Older women aren’t obsessed with getting pregnant or getting married. They won’t limit a man’s freedom hoping to build a family with him and burden him with social duties

Cougar apps preference in top countries, 2021

Ireland CougarD

How can I attract a cougar

Now when you already see the pros of older women, it makes sense to learn how to make them like you. Are there best tips for cougar dating if you’re a beginner? Hook up experts answer.

Show respect and positivity

Any mature single went through many things in life and wants to be respected, first of all. Older women do not fall for bad guys anymore, since they don’t want to deal with problems

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Attract Cougar Sexies

Look fit and well-dressed

It may be challenging for some young guys to buy good clothes, the gym pass, and such staff. Even the hairstyle matters. Consider this a good investment as cougar hookups will cover it all.  

Be the best lover

There’s a competition in everything, including pleasing your sugar momma. Many young men want to be at your place. Do your best in a bed to not let this happen, and be number one. 

How to do sexting with a cougar 

Hookup sites and apps are the main source of cougar affairs for singles. Since we have such a great chance to meet sexy older women online, we have to make sure not to spoil this chance

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Hookup Cougar Women
  • Make her feel young. It’s what they want, but do that smartly without humiliating them. Tell them they’ll always look like sexy babes with such an extraordinary type of beauty
  • Have intelligent discussions. Mature women usually can talk on any topics, they enjoy that, and they’ll catch you if you say nonsense. Discuss the subjects you’re a pro at.
  • Be their student in sex. Cougars adore teaching their young cubs. Even if you’re very experienced already, play an innocent school boy and your momma will be delighted. 

Are there safe kinky hookups 

The world is constantly shortening and simplifying all its processes, since people have such a busy lifestyle and value their freedom. Casual partners and hooking up overseas is what we need. 

More and more countries are switching to the open-mindedness and encouraging singles to get pleasure in multiple ways. To succeed, we need to understand the definition of NSA affairs

Safe Online Sexy Women
Kinky Hookup Dating

But Internet hookups are full of dangers, regardless of people’s gender, age, social status. Be careful and choose only best adult sites, use common sense, do not fall for obvious scammers. 


Gender-fluid photos or pics of non-related objects won’t tell much about a person. Choose users who aren’t posting their naked torso only. Mostly escort folks do so, not serious ones. 

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AFF Hookup Chat


Do not meet up with singles who ask weird questions trying to invade your personal space and spy on you. Always cut such a conversation, without letting know your bank data or address. 

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Pure Dating App


Adult dating experts recommend to hook up safely on official kinky events since they’re well-organized and mostly attract genuine personalities who do not hide or trick the others

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Chat With Sexies On Quiver

What are threesome hookups 

If you have a stable partner, things can go boring quickly. Modern couples often choose to bring some variety and freshness into the relationship, to make it work better and last much longer

However, it’s a delicate matter and you cannot start if not prepared well. One cannot initiate it without his partner’s acceptance either, so make sure you paved the way for such changes. 

Many couples went through the period of insecurities, so do everything step by step and be sure the reward is close. Set the stage for your most unique sexual experience to enjoy it fully. 

Threesome Sex For Couples
Threesome Hookup Apps

Discuss in advance

Start discussing this topic when your relationship is still bright. Even the honeymoon or the moment of acquaintance aren’t too early for being frank. Just ask your gf whether she’s bi-curious

Let a girl lead

All relationship experts admit this rule is a must for good threesomes. If a woman is allowed to take initiative and do all the scenario, she’ll have no reasons to be jealous or upset with things. 

Be creative in bed

It is proven that people get jealous less if their sexual experiments don’t look totally real. Add the mystic atmosphere, candlelight, carnival masks, anything that helps you escape reality. 

What are unicorn hookups

Decided to widen your traditional sex party with the third participant? If it’s a beautiful young girl called a unicorn in swinging subculture, you must know a few basic facts before start. 

Chat With Unicorn Sexies
Unicorn Hookup Sexies

Some men just want to arrange sex with two girls to have it done, without overthinking it. But finding a kinky woman for threesome will bring you much brighter results and entertain you more

Submissive unicorn 

It’s honestly the most popular kind of unicorn couples seek. If they accumulated any kind of aggressiveness towards each other or daily life, they may softly release that with a new female sub. 

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Chat With Submissive Women

Dominant unicorn

A professional dominatrix is often ordered for special occasions celebrating such as a Birthday party, a wedding anniversary, and so on. Submission to a female stranger feels very spicy and festive

Naughty Dominant Women
Dominant Sexy

Bisexual unicorn 

A young woman skilled in having sex with couples, is the best therapy for partners who lost their sexual confidence with time. She helps them feel desired again and cement their intimate connection. 

LGBT Hookup
Bi-Curious Dating

Where do I find kinky partners 

Do not put the pleasure of all participants at risk, hunt only on high-rated platforms appreciated by others. Some apps allow seeing other users’ responses on each unicorn’s service. 

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Find Your Kinky Hookup Partner

If some girl student seeks pocket money, it’s completely ok. You’d pay her more if she was an au pair or an escort, so be generous in this regard too, not just in penetrating her intensely

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  2. 3nder
  3. Feeld
  4. 3somer
  5. Fantasy